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What is a Pest?
Pests are the unwanted visitors from the insect and animal world that intrude your property and reduce the quality of your home and living. Some pests such as cockroaches spread disease and toxins while others such as termites can cause major property destruction.

What You Can Do To Keep Pest Numbers Down At Your Place
When it comes to reducing pest numbers at your home or business, cleanliness is very important.
Here are some things you can do to limit the things that pests love most.


  • Take food waste straight to the bin & clean up crumbs and spillages
  • Wash dishes and cups shortly after using
  • Keep food in sealed, air tight containers
  • Clean up rotting fruits and nuts from around the home


  • Fix leaky and dripping taps
  • Keep high moisture areas such as kitchen and bathrooms dry
  • Thoroughly clean cracks and crevices
  • Limit dark/damp areas in and around your home

Why Professional Pest Control?
Pests enter your home through cracks and gaps that you can't see. Pests are also especially prevalent in dark and damp places that are not always easy for you to access. For example, you probably don't get the opportunity to clean your roof cavity very often.

Magnum Pest Control can provide a long lasting pest control solution for your home. Our pest treatments use the safest and best pesticides to thoroughly protect your home from pests in the areas you can and can't see.

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