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Types of Pest We Service
Below is a list of the most common pests that we service at Magnum Pest Control.

Spider - Pest Control & Prevention
Some spiders are just a nuisance leaving webs in and around your home. However, some spiders can inflict a painful bite and inject toxins that cause illness and can occasionally prove fatal.
Spiders such as Red backs can be particularly difficult to get rid of yourself. Magnum Pest Control provides a pest treatment that gives you ongoing protection from spiders inside and outside your home. These external spider control treatments are backed with a full 12 month warranty.

Cockroach - Pest Control & Prevention
As well as being unsightly, cockroaches are a health hazard. They contaminate food with droppings and spread disease. Cockroaches are very active at night so if you see cockroaches during the day, there is likely to be many more roaming around your home at night. A Magnum Pest Control treatment for cockroaches also comes with a 12 month warranty.

Silverfish - Pest Control & Prevention
A very common pest in attics and storage areas, silverfish are especially common around books and boxes. While they love cardboard, glues and paper, silverfish can also damage fabrics including linen, cotton and silk. Silverfish are most active at night and they can often do a lot of damage that goes unnoticed until you go to get the photo album from the attic. A pest control treatment for silverfish also has a 12 month warranty.

Ants - Pest Control & Prevention
Having ants crawling through your kitchen or home is very annoying. Large numbers of ants can also be damaging to your home and property. Often ants will come into the house from an outside nest in search of food and water. Occasionally the ant nest can be inside the home such as in a wall cavity. Magnum Pest Control uses an ant control treatment that destroys the colony so that your ant problem does not reappear after several weeks or months. At Magnum Pest Control we are so confident with our pest control treatment of black and brown ants that we offer a 12 month free service period for internal black ants.

Wasps - Pest Control & Prevention
If you have ever been stung by a wasp you will probably agree it is not a pleasant experience. So when, wasps choose your home to build a nest it can be very irritating. Removing a nest may provide you with temporary relief but often the problem will reoccur. Magnum Pest Control offer you a pest treatment for wasps that gives you a 12 month warranty.

Rodents - Pest Control
Rats and mice are unwelcome visitors to your home for good reasons. They can cause major damage to your home and property. For example, rats and mice have caused numerous fires in homes and buildings by chewing through electrical wires. In addition to this, rats and mice can spread diseases like salmonella poisoning by urinating and leaving droppings on food and eating surfaces. Magnum Pest Control has solutions to quickly alleviate the problem of rats and mice from your home or business.

Fleas - Pest Control
Fleas really are one of the most annoying pests you can get around your home. These little blood suckers can make things very uncomfortable when they decide to make you part of their food source. Fleas can be particularly menacing after a pet has been around. Treating the pet itself does not always solve the problem because the surrounding environment must be treated too. Magnum Pest Control can help control flea problems at your place by treating the whole area where the fleas are causing a problem.

Termites (White Ants) - Pest Inspection, Control & Prevention
Termites (also known as white ants) really are one of the most unwanted pests you can get. The good news is that regular termite inspections can tremendously reduce the risk of termites causing damage at your property. For most places an annual inspection is recommended. However, if you have had termite problems at your premises then you may be advised to have more regular termite inspections. If you do find termites at your property then a professional termite treatment is highly recommended.
Magnum Pest Control can organise pest inspections for termites and extermination of termites both in and around your property.

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