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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
Is Magnum Pest Control available after hours and Weekends?
Yes, at Magnum Pest Control we are happy to arrange a suitable time for your pest control treatment outside of regular business hours.

Will Magnum Pest Control treat pests inside the roof?
Yes, a Magnum Pest Control treatment includes an important treatment to help control pests inside your roof cavity. The roof cavity can be a common breeding area for cockroaches, spiders, black and brown ants.

I've found termites what should I do?
The best advice is to not disturb them. Termites live and work in large colonies. Killing the termites you see may seem easy but it will not solve your termite problem. At Magnum Pest Control our termite treatments will ensure that all of the termites in and around your property are eradicated.

Does Magnum Pest Control service body corporate?
Yes, we even have a body corporate pest control package large or small that can be tailored to suit the size of the complex being serviced and the frequency of pest control treatments required. Contact us to enquire about this service or fill out our free pest control quote form.

Do we have to move any stuff around when Magnum Pest Control come to our place?
There is very little moving required for a pest inspection or pest control treatment from Magnum Pest Control. Fish pumps must be switched off and fish tanks must be covered at the time of your pest control treatment. The only moving you may need to do is to move any excess clutter near skirting boards. You do not need to empty cupboards and drawers for modern day pest control solutions.

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